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Red Bridge Family Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is a family run clinic overlooking the picturesque Maroondah Reservoir in Healesville. Owned and operated by Practitioner Scott Stephens and Manager Alyssa Beeby with the strong support of their family.

Red Bridge was born from Scott and Alyssa’s passion for family health. With a wealth of experience in Acupuncture, TCM and patient care in larger clinic settings, Alyssa and Scott are excited to have the opportunity in 2019 to create their own beautiful healing space.

At Red Bridge we aim to provide TCM health care solutions suitable for the whole family. We work to treat root cause of disharmony in the body and tailor patient treatment plans based on each individual. With strong values for holistic health care are happy to work alongside other health care providers to offer integrative support.

Red Bridge’s unique approach to patient care begins as you cross the bridge passing over our lush Japanese inspired gardens to enter the clinic. Personalised and genuine connections create a welcoming healing space.  Flexible treatment delivery and passion for education and support facilitates your journey to optimal health and long term results.

Scott Bio

- Scott Stephens -
Registered Acupuncturist
B. H. Sc (Acu)

By incorporating training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with further in-depth studies of Balance Method, Tan Method, Tung Method and Japanese Style Acupuncture of Kiiko and Shimmamura Scott is able to offer individually tailored treatments to all patients.


Scott has also undertaken extensive further training in Shonishin (Paediatric needle free Acupuncture) and as a father himself has a keen interest in children’s preventative health care.


During your consultation you will experience a combination of the familiar TCM framework, including tongue and pulse diagnosis, in combination with the gentle and effective Japanese-style palpation and meridian pathway diagnosis. In cases of pain management, Scott may also utilise Balance method of distal point stimulation for comfortable treatment on the meridians, to avoid aggravating local areas of pain.


In diagnosing and treating your condition, Scott will use his knowledge to utilise the methods that will be most effective for your presenting condition. He can also offer additional post-consult treatment plans, dietary information and lifestyle recommendations - empowering you with the tools you and your body need to recover from the disharmony and reclaim balance.


Scott treats patients of all ages, and has particular interests in the following areas:


  • Men’s Health

  • Paediatrics

  • Fertility

  • Digestive/Autoimmune disorders

  • Skin Health

  • Pain Relief



“My interest in Chinese Medicine began many years ago when I found the great benefits of acupuncture in treating my own health concerns and seeing results of others close to me. Realising for myself that by using this age-old medicine it enables/activates your own body’s innate ability to heal itself. Then and now this still delights and inspires me.

When the body is in imbalance causing you pain or discomfort, my main priority as a practitioner is to get you back to being pain free or relieving your discomfort, whatever that may be. I understand that restoring your health will get you back to doing the everyday things that you enjoy most.

My philosophy is to always create a supportive and safe environment for my patients, where we can both work on getting the greatest benefits and lasting results for you. An individual and tailored treatment plan will be established unique to your condition.”

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