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The Year of the Water Rabbit

The year of the Water Rabbit
2023 - The year of the Water Rabbit

Did you know the Chinese New Year and its cyclic calendar is thought to have been followed for more than 3500 years? People all over the world, from all walks of life are known to take note of the Chinese New Year, and its associated predictions and precautions!

When it comes to the Chinese Zodiac, I'm sure you probably know the basics. However, I thought a quick refresher, and perhaps a few additional details would help everyone get the most out of year of the Water Rabbit.


How was the Chinese Zodiac created?

Well, the Chinese calendar follows a zodiac made up of twelve animals, the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Over a 12-year rotating cycle each new year is allocated an animal and each animal a corresponding element.

The Rabbit is the fourth sign in the cycle and there is a folklore (that varies slightly in each retelling) that describes how the order of the zodiac came to pass.

It goes something like this...

Before the Zodiac ever existed the Jade Emperor wanted to select 12 animals to act as his guards. He decided that the ranking of the animals would be based on their arrival time through the heavenly gates and as such a race begun.

The Rat and the Ox, being diligent and witty in their ways, were the first two animals in the cycle. The Rat was clever enough to hitch a ride on the back of the Ox across a river allowing him to secure the lead by jumping in front and beating poor old Ox to the gates.

The Tiger and the Rabbit took out third and fourth place due to their speed and competitive nature.

The story goes that the Dragon snuck into fifth place by sheer good looks! And the Snake sixth place with a shifty lie that he was the Dragons son!

The Horse and Goat were both kind and modest and polite, not wanting to compete for their place so the Jade Emperor awarded them seventh and eighth.

Rounding off the 12 animals were the jumping Monkey followed by the Rooster, Dog and Pig.

You will notice in the telling of this folklore, (which you can read in much more detail and all its variations by looking up some online resources) each animal holds characteristics that translate across to the people born in the corresponding years.

How do the elements fit in?

The five elements are metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.
The five elements are metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Five Element Theory is discussed in detail throughout many of our blogs. This is due to the fact that it not only forms the basis of the Chinese Zodiac but also Chinese Medicine, Fung Shui, Martial Arts and many other Eastern traditions.

Also known as Wu Xing, Five Element Theory details the relationship between all things and the necessity for balance to be achieved in order to experience harmony and health. The elements interact with each other in the same sense as the Yin and Yang with the ultimate result being to find balance.

To determine the element associated with the Chinese New Year there is a counting system used in the Chinese calendar called the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly branches.

The Heavenly Stems are made up of Yin or Yang categories of the five elements and the Earthly Branches refer to the 12 Zodiac Animals.

(I am not going to deep dive into this topic of which I know little about, however if this blog sparks an interest in Chinese Zodiac I encourage you to do some research as it’s all very intriguing!)

The crux however is that the heavenly stem of this year 2023 is ‘Gui’ or Yin Water and the Earthly branch is ‘Mao’ or Yin Wood (referring to the rabbit). When all combined the result is the year of the Water Rabbit.

Due to the rotation of elements for each year we see each combination present only every 60 years! So, the last time we had a year of the Water Rabbit it was 1963!


What will the year of the Water Rabbit bring?

2023 - the year of the water rabbit
Love quite contemplation? You will thrive in 2023

The Water Rabbit is Yin by nature. You may recall that 2022 was the year of the Water Tiger so there will be a continuation of the introspective nature associated with the water element. In contrast to the somewhat hectic Yang energy of the Tiger however the Rabbit will present in a far more peaceful nature.

The Water element encourages us to draw on our inner wisdom, to tap into intuition and to increase our awareness to the emotions and needs of those surrounding us. The Rabbit compliments this by encouraging us to approach the year in a calm and considered manner. Because of this, 2023 will be an excellent year to build on pre-existing work and personal connections, improve your finances and prioritise your health and self-care.

If you were born in a Water year then rejoice as you’ll be loving the watery nature of the year to come! Not sure if that is you? We are talking about people born in 1972, 1973, 1982, 1983, 1992, 1993 or pre / post those years with a 2/3 on the end.

In general, ‘Water babies’ such as yourselves love calm environments and find activities such as quiet contemplation, meditation, and solitary work to come very easily to you. Just a tip though.... make sure you don’t get to caught up in the relaxed nature of 2023 and end up isolating yourself!

Those who are Fire or Metal types might find the next 12 months a challenge. The key will be taking a leaf out of the Water baby book. Take a step back, breathe and try your best to roll with it. Embrace a more artistic and dreamy approach to life.

A year of reflection and hope...

Of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac the rabbit is considered one of the luckiest. The Chinese view the Rabbit as a symbol of peace, prosperity, and long life.

Gentle in nature the Rabbit brings with it a patient energy to 2023. This should be a year where we can all draw breath and be comforted by a much more relaxed journey forward.

2023 is an excellent time to reflect back on your dreams and hopes that may have stalled over the recent years. Harness the energy of this year to bring those dreams to fruition. Lean into your inner wisdom and instincts and use the influence of the Water element to enhance communication skills, develop strong partnerships and seek out clear paths forward.


Are you a Rabbit?

You can find out which Zodiac animal you are by hopping online (see what I did there) and googling a Chinese Zodiac calculator. By doing this you can also find some information on how you will best navigate the year of the Water Rabbit as all zodiacs will have different responses to the year ahead. I won’t go through the information I found on each sign but I will do a very brief glimpse of the Rabbit since its their year!

Rabbits unsurprisingly hold traits that mirror their namesake. They are a symbol of wittiness, cautiousness, and self-preservation.

Typically, they are:

  • Quick and alert

  • Skilled

  • Careful and Responsible

  • Gentle and Kind

The Water Rabbit is:

  • Amicable

  • Flexible to change.

  • Gentle

  • Can be changeable of mind.

For Rabbits this year is their 'Ben Ming Nian' which means this year shares the same Zodiac as their year of birth. Traditionally, the belief is that Ben Ming Nian is likely to result in a year of unrest, challenges and setbacks. That said you do some research there are plenty of helpful suggestions for Rabbits (and other signs who are less lucky in a Rabbit year) to help ensure you enjoy a steady 2023.


It is a good year to grow your family.

The year of the Water Rabbit
2023 looks like an excellent time to fall pregnant and give birth.

In welcome news to our Red Bridge Family Acupuncture fertility support patients 2023 is an excellent year to grow your family!

In many cultures the Rabbit symbolises growth and new life. This makes 2023 a year of fertility and an excellent time to fall pregnant and give birth.

For those new babies welcomed in the year of the Water Rabbit they are predicted to have characteristics of a calm and peaceful mind and should enjoy a life of good fortune.


A few health tips for 2023:

  • Make mindfulness & meditation part of your daily routine.

  • Go swimming, enjoy floats, take baths, incorporate water into your healing rituals.

  • Be flexible to change and new experiences.

  • Trust your gut instincts and intuition.

  • Get some acupuncture


Need to book some acupuncture to help you get the most out of the year of the Water Rabbit? Get in touch with us online or by calling (03)59061494.

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